Geoscience Consulting

BJT Geoscience provides the following geoscience consultation services:


The presence, distribution and quality of subsurface waters touches almost every aspect of engineering and geoscience. Public awareness of the potential for contamination of groundwater has become an important consideration in all projects that involve ground disturbance and the construction of both surface and subsurface facilities in all industries.

The Alberta oil and gas industry requires hydrogeology input with respect to:

  • Environmental concerns
  • Source water for waterflood
  • Pressure maintenance in gravity drive reservoirs
  • Water quality of disposal waters versus formation fluids

Hydrogeology Component Solution Summary

BJT provides professional expertise in applied hydrogeology:

  • for municipal water supply development
  • for ground stability analyses
  • for mining, particularly for the placer sector
  • for forestry and agricultural purposes
  • for regulatory and public environmental concerns

Business Practice Consultation

BJT Geoscience provides the following business practice consultation services:

Creation of Professional Practice Management Plans

APEGA requires all Permit Holders to have a well-documented Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP). BJT has experienced Professional Geoscientists and Engineers available who are familiar with PPMPs and can assist you in developing the documentation and with installation in your company.

An introductory seminar begins the process for your executive and senior geoscience and engineering personnel. Contact BJT President, Tom Sneddon, to get started.

Professional Practice Management Plans | BJT Geoscience

Ethical Practice Training

Professional practice and ethics are the cornerstones for registered professionals in all of Canada and also for companies holding a Permit to Practice in Alberta.

BJT offers courses for Geoscientists-in-Training and for Engineers who are about to write the National Professional Practice Examination, which is required in all Canadian jurisdictions.

BJT offers seminars for non-engineering and geoscience professionals who must work with APEGA and EGBC licensed professionals. It is important that everyone in the company understand the Provincial Code of Ethics and key professional practice standards, guidelines that regulate their business practices.

Brush-up seminars for practicing professionals are also available to keep them up-to-date on standards, guidelines and also in international expectations in the area of professional ethics and geoethics. Contact BJT President, Tom Sneddon, to start your training.

Ethical Practice Training | BJT Geoscience

Corporate Continuing Professional Development Programs

Alberta requires all professionals subject to the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act to complete a minimum of 240 hours over a rolling 3-year period of continuing professional development to retain their licenses under the Act.

BJT Associates provide basic, advanced and executive courses in:

  • Geology for non-Geologists
  • Geophysics for non-Geophysicists
  • Petroleum Engineering for Geoscientists
  • Geomodeling
  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Reservoir Geoscience for Beginners
  • Reservoir Geoscience for Engineers
  • More coming!

Keep an eye on the Courses page for upcoming Geoscience courses.

Corporate Continuing Professional Development

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