GeoConvention 2019

GeoConvention 2019

GeoConvention 2019

Dates: May 13-15, 2019
Location: Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
Price: $0-585

The oil and gas industry has been completely reshaped over the past four years and a more stable footing for the industry is on the horizon for 2019. International markets are picking up as are the opportunities within Canada. Despite market fluctuations, Geoscientists will continue to find and develop the resources necessary to power our economy.

GeoConvention offers some of the best local and international insights to efficient energy exploration and production, critical to the success of the industry.

GeoConvention 2019 technical content will build upon the success we saw in 2018 hosting topical sessions within impactful themes:

  • Building Strong Foundations – Technical Fundamentals and Applications
  • New Horizons – Novel Technological Tools and Advancements
  • Unconventional Plays – Advancing Understanding and Profitability
  • Managing the Risks of Unconventional Development
  • Conventional Plays and Frontier Basins
  • Challenges and Opportunities for the Canadian Energy Industry

GeoConvention 2019 is an opportunity for delegates and exhibitors to benefit from and give back to the community, through Technical Sessions, the Showcase Stage and the Exhibition floor.

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